Farmstand Open for our fifth season!

Farmstand Open

Our farmstand is celebrating its fifth season! We're open daily from 9 am to 6 pm at 2001 Old Jerusalem Road in Leicester.

A bit of Blue Ledge farmstand history: It began during the COVID pandemic with our initial setup being a cooler housed within a quaint birdhouse-like structure, which was constructed by Hayden Bernhardt, who was a home-bound high school sophomore at the time.

Our first customer back in 2000 documenting the proper glove protocol (it was the pandemic, remember): Good job, Bill!

Fast forward a year, and our stand was doing so well that we found an unused shed next door. We cleaned it up, moved it 200 yards up the road, and voilà, our proper farmstand was born. We discovered an old soda cooler for sale online and drove over the mountain to buy it from some very nice restaurant owners in Randolph, VT. Now, we can store more cheese and expand our offerings to include sausages, accompaniments like figs and apricots, and sell larger quantities of bulk cheese (the 1-lb bulk tub of chevre remains one of our hottest selling items), as well as eggs!

Vermont's "farmstand culture" is a unique aspect of our community, rooted in trust and the availability of local foods. It's an integral part of Vermont's identity. As long as there is support for the stand, we will persist in our efforts to offer unparalleled access to our products. After all, where else can you find our entire selection in one location? With the return of La Luna in June, every one of our cheeses will be available at the stand.This year, as we launched our stand for the fifth season, we were struck by the realization that it marked the 24th anniversary of the day we first set eyes on this farm (April 1, 2000). It was love at first sight. Now, 24 years on, we're still here, working together!

And now joined by some awesome folks:

Celebrating the 5th season at the farmstand, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support!