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Artisanal cheese sent right from the farm is a gift anyone will cherish. We ship cheese in an insulated box, packed carefully with ice packs so it arrives as cold and fresh as possible. We ship cheese via UPS overnight or 2 Day Air.

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Cheese, Shirts & More

Something old, something new...

Something old, something new... - $52

The classic and comprehensive cheese plate contains "something old, new, stinky and blue" and we've got it all here for you in this collection. One half pound of Riley's Coat raw goat milk cheese, aged 3 months (that's the "old), a quarter pound each of our fresh herbal and maple chevre (the "new"), quarter pound of crottina semi-aged goat (the "stinky") and one half pound of our cow's milk Middlebury Blue (you guessed it-- the "blue")!

Semi-Aged Goat

Semi-Aged Goat - $40.00

A collection of our mold-ripened semi-aged classic goat cheeses. Includes:

¾ lb. Lake’s Edge

3 Crottina

Diverse Goat

Diverse Goat - $45.00

Explore the range of cheeses which can be made from goat’s milk! This package includes cheeses aged for three days, three weeks or three months and contains:  

1 Herbal Fresh Chevre

1 Pepper Fresh Chevre

¾ lb. Lake’s Edge

1 Crottina

6 oz. La Luna wedge OR Riley's 2x4cave-aged  mixed milk cheese(cow & goat)


Semi-Aged Goat Plus

Semi-Aged Goat Plus - $55.00

Our mold-ripened collection plus an infusion of our three fresh chevres. Includes:

¾ lb. Lake’s Edge

3 crottina

1 Herbal Fresh Chevre

1 Pepper Fresh Chevre

1 Plain Fresh Chevre

Blue Ledge Sampler

Blue Ledge Sampler - $65.00

A comprehensive assortment of all of our cheeses. From the freshest of the chevres, to our semi-aged variety of both goat and cow’s milk cheeses, to our raw milk hard cheese, this has something for everyone and includes:

¾ lb. Lake’s Edge

1 Crottina

1 Camembrie (cow’s milk)

6 oz. La Luna wedge OR Riley's 2x4 cave-aged mixed (cow& goat) milk cheese

1 Plain Fresh Chevre

1 Herbal Fresh Chevre

1 Pepper Fresh Chevre

Maple Chevre

Maple Chevre - $7.00

The best of Vermont, in one cup! Plain savory goat cheese, mixed with sweet Vermont Maple Syrup and you have the perfect spread for crackers, toast, or the center of a fruit plate.

Fresh Chevres

Fresh Chevres - $5.00

With a creamy, fresh and pillowy texture, our chevre has converted many-a-skeptic over to goat cheese! Our curds are all hand-ladeled which results in the light consistency of our fresh cheeses. We make a plain chevre, as well as herb crusted, pepper crusted and maple infused! They all pair well with a light white wine, or a lighter beer (though the pepper chevre can hold it's own with a darker brew).

1/4+ lb. round


Crottina - $6.00

This is the cheese that "put us on the map" when it took a first place award in the American Cheese Society competition in 2006. Since then it has won loyal goaty fans for it's classic simplicity. Aged for three weeks, the texture of this cheese is velvety and smooth, with a white mold exterior. It goes well with a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc wine. We love this cheese with a dollop of honey!

1/4 + lb.  round


Camembrie - $8.00

Made with fresh Ayrshire cow's milk, this is a smooth mold-ripened Camembert/Brie hybrid! A buttery slice of bovine heaven! Goes well with a light red or white wine. A great match for any type of cured meats as well!

1/2 lb. round

Lake's Edge

Lake's Edge - $30.00

Perhaps our signature cheese, this dramatic ash-veined goat cheese is aged for three weeks and is named after the stones found along our Lake Champlain. This cheese is complimented by a light red wine such as a Pinot Noir.

1 1/2 lb. wheel

Middlebury Blue

Middlebury Blue - $18

A raw cow’s milk blue, made with Ayrshire milk from the cows next door. Aged sixty days, it is both creamy and crumbly and dare we say “town meets gown”, that unique experience when good earthy Vermont grit meets smooth high brow academia with nothing short of poetic results. Winner of Yankee Magazine's "Editor's Choice Award" November 2013!

1 lb. wedge

When Everything Was Possible - A Novel

When Everything Was Possible - A Novel - $12.95

When Everything Was Possible by G.S. Bernhardt

When Everything Was Possible follows the intuitive wanderings of a twenty-two year old woman, Anna, from hiking the Long Trail in Vermont to working as an apprentice at a goat farm and for an artisanal cheese maker. The precipices of Vermont’s ridgelines conflate to become the very personal precipice Anna looks out from as she surveys all the possible paths for her life. Seeking an alternative to the traditional, she sets about to redefine life, deliberating as much on the natural world as she does the peculiar philosophies of a hermit cheese maker...

Dark Blue T-Shirt

Dark Blue T-Shirt - $15.00

Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Modeled by Shannon our star morning milker.

Colors may vary.

Light Blue T-Shirt

Light Blue T-Shirt - $15.00

Available in Small, Medium and Large.

Modeled by Abigail, our former cheesemaker extraordinaire! 

Colors may vary.