May 15, 2012 Introducing...Middlebury Blue!

Lots of talk about a new cheese coming out of our caves this spring. We would like you to meet our newest endeavour: a ripe, runny, pungent little morsel, aged 2-3 months, Middlebury Blue has a dense blue interior and a milder, creamy texture just underneath the rind. We like to think it represents the juxtaposition of our shire town, with the influence of an elite academic institution nestled among the hills of crusty old-time Vermonters. It is town meets gown, and each wheel is precious to us! Look for it to be in better supply come late summer and fall when the goat milk has declined and we have more flexibility in our cheesemake schedule. It is May, after all, and the height of our cheesemaking season. At the moment we are cranking out nine batches of cheese per week-- how is that, you say, when there are only seven days in the week? We have two cheese vats, and most days make two batches simultaneously. 

March 14, 2012 - Kids have arrived & Spring beginning! 

Our New GoatsWe are through the bulk of our kidding season, with just a smattering of late-freshening does left. It was a smooth birthing season, with very (oddly) warm temperatures and very few multiple births. In the past, twins and triplets are the norm, but this year we saw more single births (one kid) than ever before. Perhaps due to mediocre hay quality from the rainy and stormy summer of 2011? No complaints here, as fewer kids means less stress on the does. We raise 25 females as our future milkers, and the rest find homes elsewhere. In this photo this group of energetic month-old kids has graduated from bottles to the bucket feeder!

We are milking 75 does, filling up our aging rooms again with fresh, semi-aged, and with the first hard cheese of the year. As the first green shoots of grass are determined to emerge, only to be nibbled by the goats, it feels great to welcome another year and another lactation with a great staff in cheesemaker Megan, milker Shannon and intern Hannah P.!



June 4, 2011 - Kiss the Kid Contest

Kiss the Kid contest at the Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society's "Rhubarb Festival" is a rousing success! Dozens turned out at the annual and between bites of succulent local Stonewood Farm Turkey and local greens, our fresh chevre, everything topped with rhubarb of course, folks stuffed ballot boxes with dollar bills to see who would earn the right to snuggle with one of this year's baby goats. The winner, our very own Reverend Emily Melcher. Our goats were very cooperative and really enjoyed the attention.